Beauty Guru Alissa Ashley and NYX have collaborated together and have made beauty history and magic! Together they have developed Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation which features 45 beautiful shades that are more inclusive than of Fenty Beauty and Makeup Forever and most importantly, it won’t leave a gaping hole in your beauty BUDGET!  The shades in this foundation are out of this world as they range across a gamut of customers and ethnicities. The texture of the foundation is a rich liquid that offers a high capacity yet matte and non-drying finish. The deepest shade is Deep Ebony and the lightest shade is Pale.

I was so excited to try out this foundation on one of my beautiful clients Candice. It was her 40th birthday and she wanted to shine bright like a diamond and turn heads when she hit the room!! She told me had to have a bold red glitter lip with her makeup look. The color shade I used her was Cocoa and we both loved the result! I mean just take a look at these gorgeous pictures…she got everything she asked for and more!

So have you ladies tried CSWS yet? What’s your skin type (.i.e. Oily, Combination or Dry) and what are your thoughts about the product?